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Healthcare and nursing homes

It is absolutely essential to choose the right textiles for day-to-day use in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes or surgery centres. SALESIANER’s comprehensive portfolio of products helps medical staff do their jobs in the various areas of healthcare as well as possible.

It also offers patient gowns, ward linen and staff clothing. Reusuble non-sterile surgical clothing as well as sterile surgical products in the highest quality and cleanroom clothing for hospital pharmacies give healthcare workers a helping hand in their daily work.

The ‘Personal Laundry Service’ (PLS), which provides special care for textiles in retirement homes, nursing homes or senior residences, facilitates the handling of residents’ personal laundry and saves costs in the long term by outsourcing in-house laundry services to SALESIANER. In addition to SALESIANER’s medical products, other products such as dirt control and advertising mats, cleaning cloths and a mop service for daily maintenance cleaning can also be purchased.

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