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Why choose rental textiles?

SALESIANER’s professional rental textile service offers many advantages over having an in-house laundry. On the one hand, It removes the need for investing in the purchase and ongoing maintenance of washing machines and dryers and, on the other hand, using a rental textiles service makes it easier to adjust textile quantities to the respective level of demand.

SALESIANER has a qualified team of employees that has many years of expertise in how to handle textiles properly. Not only does this ensure a high degree of quality but it also ensures that textiles are treated carefully so that they can be used for longer. The issue of sustainability is firmly anchored in the company’s ethos, making use of detergents properly in combination with sustainable energy sources. Old textiles are also reused instead of simply being discarded in a range of recycling projects, thereby supporting the circular economy.

SALESIANER’s commitment to service means that customers can concentrate on their core business instead of having to spend time and resources on caring for textiles themselves. It also means that customers do not incur any personnel costs for the in-house laundry or any investment costs for machinery. Rental textiles and the associated services therefore offer an economical and sustainable alternative to having an in-house laundry and your own textiles, making it possible to save costs and conserve resources, as well as benefiting from high quality, flexibility, hygiene, time savings and convenience.

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Cost savings

The professional rental textiles service can help save costs. Outsourcing the care of textiles eliminates the need to invest in washing machines or dryers as well as the associated operating and personnel costs. The pick-up and delivery service can also keep warehousing costs to a minimum. Rental textiles can therefore be a cost-effective alternative for professional textile care when compared directly to in-house laundry solutions.

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Conserving resources

The use of professional industrial washing machines as well as dryers can demonstrably reduce water and energy consumption levels. Efficient processes optimise the use of resources such as water, energy and detergents. Certified, environmentally friendly detergents and processes help minimise the impact on the environment. SALESIANER’s nationwide network of laundries and optimised transport routes play a key role in sustainably reducing negative effects on the environment.

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One advantage SALESIANER offers its customers is the flexibility to adjust the quantity of textiles to the respective demand, even at short notice if there is a peak in utilisation. The quantity and type of rental textiles can be quickly adapted to seasonal fluctuations, such as in the hotel and restaurant industry, or in the event of general changes in the business environment, to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

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Hygiene safety

As the Austrian market leader in textile management, SALESIANER ensures that rental textiles are washed and processed hygienically in accordance with the highest standards and norms. Certified washing procedures and standardised quality checks ensure that the textiles are clean, sterile if required, of an appropriate quality and therefore safe for use in healthcare, industry, commerce and trade as prescribed by law.

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Time saving

Outsourcing textile care translates into significant time savings in your daily operations. There is no need any more to worry about purchasing, maintaining, storing, repairing or simply disposing of textiles. Why? Because our rental textile service means companies get everything from a single source. In return, our customers can concentrate on their core business, as SALESIANER takes charge of caring for textiles and provides a professional solution for every requirement.

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Simply using rental textiles means our customers are already helping to protect the environment. This sustainability is achieved specifically by processing textiles professionally using state-of-the-art technologies and machinery, as well as improvements made to detergents through research and development activities. We at SALESIANER also manage to improve our own environmental footprint on a sustainable basis through our cautious use of resources paired with a focus on renewable energies and recycling programmes.

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