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Professional mat service for more protection, safety and cleanliness

SALESIANER’s range of mats includes a wide variety of products for different applications. Our dust control mats protect people and furnishings from slipping and soiling. Logo mats and message mats are classic advertising mats that can be used to convey short concise messages to visitors.

Ergonomic mats, often known as “anti-fatigue mats”, provide support for the muscles of employees in standing jobs, playing a role in promoting health at work.

Rubber mats or anti-slip mats are used in production plants and, like outdoor and indoor mats, prevent slipping in reception areas or in areas of high foot traffic.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reduces the risk of slipping in the entrance area, especially when wet – for your customers and employees
  • Mats are available in many colours and sizes as well as with individual advertising images in line with your corporate identity
  • Rental mats are more hygienic than purchased mats
  • Valuable flooring is protected
  • Efficient planning, cleaning and timely replacement of mats

Premium mats

SALESIANER’s dust control mats have many advantages: They protect people from slipping in wet weather and also protect the floor from dirt and damage. SALESIANER’s mat service is available as a rental option in its care-free package. Used mats are regularly replaced by our drivers with hygienically clean mats.

1 m2 of mat surface absorbs approximately three kilos of dry dirt and absorbs approximately four litres of moisture. Delivering an extra level of cleanliness and safety. The mats catch 80% of dirt – a degree of quality possible only thanks to the use of high-twist nylon fibres. These special fibres create a very large surface area and deliver optimum brushing action. The dirt is collected out of sight at the bottom of the mat. The washing service ensures that the mat is thoroughly clean.

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Matten Brown ba9ee90f
Matten Red f10cebb9

Design mats

Logo mats or advertising mats are important ambassadors when it comes to displaying short content such as advertising messages or your company logo. Indispensable for appearances at trade fairs and events, but equally important in the reception area or lobby of companies and hotels.

Our design mats can carry individualised logos and messages and are very effective at trapping dirt. Choose from a range of 44 colours and create your very own design. We’ll help you here. Opting for a design mat enables you to make a real statement and leave a good impression on your customers. Turn unused floor space into a platform for messages or advertising to create a unique atmosphere. The proven SALESIANER washing service is at your disposal for your mats to maintain a clean and well-kept appearance.

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Matten Design Logo c77f4d1d
Matten Design Freestyle 37f668bf

Special mats

Rubber mats are highly versatile. They can be used both indoors and outside, such as in back-office areas, additionally as a preliminary dirt trap, or in entryways. The rubber mats are resistant to oil, water and solvents. SALESIANER’s ergonomic mats are specially designed for standing jobs. The strains of hard floors a reduced, providing relief for the body and joints. Anti-fatigue mats support the well-being and physical health of employees over the long term.

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Matten Allround Chess 9fb326fc
Matten Ergonomic Antibac d1dec146
Matten Ergonomic Dots ca6683b1
Matten Ergonomic Plus fb0a5b8a
Matten Ergonomic Plus Safety 163f204f

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