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Cleaning cloths and mop covers in a practical reusable system

Cleaning cloths, microfibre cloths and mop covers in a practical reusable system.

SALESIANER offers top-quality cleaning cloths, microfibre cloths and mop covers, along with an excellent cleaning cycle. The various types of products available make them ideally suited to the different cleaning requirements in industry, commerce, trade and healthcare. The products are collected in special rolling boxes or containers, picked up by SALESIANER, professionally cleaned and processed.
Test our high-quality microfibre cloths or cotton cleaning cloths now without obligation and free of charge for four weeks


Your advantages at a glance

  • Top-quality cotton cleaning cloths
  • Lint-free microfibre cloths for sensitive surfaces
  • Can be reused again and again – sustainable solution
  • Always a sufficient number of cloths available
  • Highly absorbent and durable
  • No need for the customer to purchase and dispose of cloths
  • Certified collection box with safety lock for used cloths

Clear colour coding for special application

salibasic cleaningcloth red 38412644
salibasic cleaningcloth green c535c3f2
salibasic cleaningcloth blue 09ec04af
salisoft cleaningcloth b973c948
salistar cleaningcloth 5e059ee2
salicare cleaningcloth 8c86f80e
salimicro cleaningcloth 64647075
oilspillmats absorbertex 0b2b3c56
salibox transportbox cleaningcloths fca3653b
mops microfibre 82353745

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