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Use a textile hand towel, protect the
environment and employees

Bluecare textile hand towel dispensers by SALESIANER are an excellent calling card for your company, standing both for hygiene and sustainability in equal measure. Textile hand towels enable moisture, soap residue and residual germs to be wiped away in a way that protects the skin while also cleansing the pores. The clean and the used part of the textile hand towel roll are always separated from each other, hygienically and physically. Once the 40 metres of textiles have been used up, the textile hand towel roll is collected and disinfected using a proven thermal chemical process within the scope of the company’s laundry service.

Our video shows the entire process of how fabric towel rolls are made, right up to when they arrive at the customer.

Your benefits

  • Deep-acting hygienic cleaning thanks to textile management
  • Professional handling under strict hygiene and environmental conditions
  • Reliable collection and delivery of the textile hand towel rolls
  • Longevity of the textile hand towel roll has a very positive effect on the environment.

Once it has come to the end of its useful life, textile hand towel rolls can be used as cleaning cloths in workshops

Clear separation: the white roll for the convenience or office area; the blue roll for the working area and workshops

Textile hand towels are better for the environment than paper towels

A study commissioned by WIRTEX (Wirtschaftsverband Textil Service e. V.) and ETSA (European Textile Services Association) entitled “Environmentally friendly hand drying. Sustainability study on fabric and paper” demonstrates that the textile hand towel system is more advantageous than paper towels. Study in german.

Textile hand towel rolls generate up to 95 percent less waste, use up to 48 percent less energy and have up to 29 percent lower global warming potential than virgin fibre paper. The study entitled “Hygienic hand drying. A comparative study of four systems: Cotton towel, paper towel, warm air dryer, jet air dryer” demonstrates that textile hand towel rolls deliver the best results for drying hands. Premium Dry offers an economical and sustainable solution here. Study in german.

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