Washroom with sustainability.

Use textile towels – protect the environment. A good example.

The textile-towel dispenser Premium Dry from SALESIANER MIETTEX is an excellent visiting card. It bears the seal of our sustainability guarantee – for good reasons.

  • Moisture, residual germs and soap remnants are rubbed away – from deep within the pores and in a skin-friendly way
  • Clean and used parts of the cloth hand-towel roll are hygienically separated
  • The used textile-towel roll is changed and processed; there is no waste


Better for the environment.

A study*) commissioned by E.T.S.A. attests to the clear advantages of the textile-towel system over paper towels. The overall environmental pollution caused by paper systems is up to 2.5 times higher than attributable to textile towels. Premium Dry is the economical and sustainable solution.

*) Eco-balance study by the Öko-Institutes Freiburg (Institute for Applied Ecology) commis-sioned by the E.T.S.A. European Textile Services Association, “Eco-balance of hand-drying systems”:

“Textile towel-roll compared to paper hand towels”

White rolls for the amenities area; blue for the working area.

Hygiene guarantee. 

Used textile rolls are picked up, processed and disinfected in the well-proven chemo-thermal way.

  • Deep hygienic cleaning
  • Professional processing under strict hygienic and environmental conditions
  • Reliable pick-up and delivery of the textile towel rolls
  • Life cycle of one roll – an average of 70 washes.

Verteilung der Rollen



Clear division of rolls

The rolls for clean and used parts in the cloth hand-towel dispenser are kept strictly separate. After the 40 m of material is used up, the roll is changed.