30. July 2020

SALESIANER’s mat service for greater safety and cleanliness

SALESIANER’s new 2-in-1 mats offer companies a variety of ways to deliver important hygiene messages to visitors, customers and employees as soon as they enter the premises.


Particularly during times where greater care needs to be taken, it is important to communicate relevant messages and regulations in a targeted and polite manner. SALESIANER’s 2-in-1 mats are a way for you to give people a visual reminder to observe rules on keeping apart and make recommendations for people to wash and sanitise their hands to protect themselves and others.


SALESIANER’s 2-in-1 mats:


  • Three important hygiene-related messages
  • Ensures safety for visitors, customers and employees
  • Protects your floor
  • Improves cleanliness
  • Reduces cleaning costs
  • Available in different designs, colours and sizes
  • Also available as a customised advertising mat


Download the latest mat flyer here.


For more information on our 2-in-1 mats, please contact us at office@salesianer.com or 0800 20 24 30.