10. December 2020

Happy birthday, SALESIANER Hungary

The company’s first branch abroad was opened in Budapest on 28 December 1990.

The fall of the Iron Curtain opened the door to new ventures in the states of Eastern Europe. It was a good decision, as it was a resounding success and heralded the beginning of further expansions to other CEE/SEE countries.

A Swiss family named Schneider had built a new hotel in Budapest and it was the impeccable reputation of SALESIANER in Vienna that was the decisive factor for them asking whether it would be possible to offer rented textile services in Budapest as well. The company jumped into the deep end and set about finding a local partner – with success.

(Source: Manfred F.Berger / It all started with a noble cloth napkin - 1916 to 2016, 100 years of SALESIANER MIETTEX, NeuSicht, 2016)


Congratulations to our branch in Hungary on its 30th anniversary.