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SALESIANER’s heart beats for bees

Around 300,000 bees have found a new home on the grounds of the head office in Vienna.

When spring is at the door, a humming noise is clearly noticeable on the fields, bushes and trees around the head office of Austria’s leading textile rental company. The reason for this is that five bee colonies have found a new home in the 22nd district of Vienna.

The “A Home for Bees” initiative was launched as a sustainability project, the aim of which being to help boost Austria’s bee population over the long term. “It is very important to me to actively promote a conservation project here – because that is exactly what it is. We have been reading and hearing about the dwindling bee population for many years now, along with the consequences for humans and the environment”, explains Thomas Krautschneider, Executive Partner of the SALESIANER Group.

SALESIANER would like to continue developing the sustainability project in the future and in this spirit is planning further activities and initiatives. Examples here include planting fields of flowers on the company premises to increase the food supply and secure the livelihood of the bees.

More information on this topic can be found in our press release "SALESIANER’s heart beats bees"..

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