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SALESIANER receives award for commitment to climate protection

SALESIANER was one of 18 Austrian companies awarded by klimaaktiv, an initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Climate Action to protect the climate, for our exceptional commitment to energy efficiency and climate protection.

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Thomas Gittler (Head of Integrated Management Systems), Mirsad Muric (Technology and Lean Management) with Bettina Bergauer (Federal Ministry of Climate Action)

The Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology uses this award to recognise action successfully taken by Austrian industrial and commercial undertakings as well as the ambitious 2030 Action Plans drawn up by klimaaktiv project partners to phase-out the use of fossil fuels as far as possible.

We have been a klimaaktiv project partner since 2013, regularly submitting and implementing action plans at our various sites during this time, including various process optimisation measures, as well as introducing energy-efficient laundry-washing lines, ironing lines and finisher systems. The fact that PV systems have been installed on the roofs of almost all of our sites in Austria demonstrates SALESIANER’s foresight and long-standing commitment to sustainability.

The laundries having been awarded in this way save a total of 42 million kWh of electricity and heat every year thanks to the action taken, equivalent to a saving of around 5,990 tonnes of CO2. The extensive and innovative measures introduced by the award-winning laundries to save energy and CO2 ranged from optimising the production of compressed air and heat recovery to switching to biomass as a fuel.

With our 2030 Action Plan, SALESIANER outlines the ongoing work to improve energy efficiency and increase the share of energy in the company coming from renewable sources. To this end, we are focusing our attention on increasing the share of vehicles using alternative drive technologies, including the associated infrastructure. Introducing a system to record production data, including monitoring energy use, means that, in future, it will be possible to record key metrics in real time and shorten response times.

Projects to develop alternative ways of generating steam represent a particular challenge, with our aim being to significantly cut the amount of fossil fuels used. SALESIANER would also like to generate more electricity using wind power. The principles of sustainability and responsibility towards the environment and society as a whole are key aspects of our company’s culture, motivating the team under CTO Mirsad Muric and IMS manager Thomas Gittler to develop and implement innovative and sustainable projects.

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