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Regional politicians and ecoplus visit SALESIANER in Wiener Neustadt

Thomas Krautschneider and the operations management team had the opportunity to give Lower Austrian state politicians and representatives of ecoplus, the Business Agency of Lower Austria, a tour of our site on 18 August 2021.

Mayor Klaus Schneeberger and State Councillor Jochen Danninger along with Martin Fassl and Roland Zellhofer from ecoplus, the Business Agency of Lower Austria, took the opportunity during a visit to our facility in Wiener Neustadt to look behind the scenes and were impressed by the extent to which the company’s operations had been modernised.

SALESIANER has been operating a laundry in Wiener Neustadt since 1962, when it took over the existing company there. The ground-breaking ceremony for a new, modern laundry took place in the Industrie-Zentrum Nord industrial park in 1990, and was subsequently opened in 1991. 165 employees work there today, handling over 13 tonnes of laundry per day, equivalent to approximately 25,000 items of clothing. It supplies over 200 customers with workwear and cleanroom clothing as well as sterile reusable surgical sets.

The laundry in Wiener Neustadt has two special features given that it handles cleanroom products that need to meet the exacting demands of pharmaceutical customers, namely in accordance with very strict measures to ensure cleanliness and hygiene as per the ISO 14644-1 certification. It also has a sterile area where the sterile reusable surgical sets for hospitals are hygienically prepared and sterilised. The special rules set out by the ISO 13485 certification (medical devices) must be observed here at all times.

It is precisely in these areas that SALESIANER’s rented textile products play an important role in ensuring sustainability in the healthcare sector, as reusable surgical sets generate far less medical waste and are also responsible for far fewer CO2 emissions. Surgical and cleanroom textiles processed in the hygienic reusable system represent a real and sustainable alternative, especially from the perspective of providing regional added value and guaranteeing security of supply.

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