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Professional mat service for more
protection, safety and cleanliness

SALESIANER offers a wide range of products from dust control mats, graphic mats and anti-fatigue mats to outdoor mats for every application area.

We offer mats for different purposes and tasks. Our standard entrance mats are available in blue-grey, red, and brown. We offer customisable advertising mats to reinforce your corporate identity or to deliver your advertising message, while at the same time protecting your floor and reducing the amount of dirt being brought into the area. This is in addition to outdoor mats for coarse dirt, as well as dust control and brush mats to trap fine particulate matter and moisture. We also offer anti-fatigue mats for areas where employees work on their feet. Such mats have been proven to bring positive ergonomic effects and reduce lost time by relieving the strain being placed on joints and muscles.

Premium Mat Service

Your advantages at a

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    Reduces the risk of slipping in the
    entrance area, especially when wet
    – for your customers and employees
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    Mats are available in many colours
    and sizes as well as with individual
    advertising images in line with your
    corporate identity
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    Rental mats are more hygienic than
    purchased mats
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    Valuable flooring is protected
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    Efficient planning, cleaning and
    timely exchange of mats

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