Laundry logistics with secure quality standards.

A plethora of experience and high-tech methods in textile management.

SALESIANER MIETTEX is the textile partner for your individual contract laundry or textile rental service needs. Your requirements: reliable delivery of textiles, constant availability, uncomplicated procedure. Our solution: trouble-free linen circulation‚ provision of suitable textiles – pick-up – laundering, maintenance, replacement – delivery.

Your textiles are brought to you

  • in the right quantity
  • at the right time
  • in the right place.

Whether workwear for trade and industry, bed linen and towelling for the hotel sector, table linen for restaurants, textiles for the ward and sterile operating-theatre textiles for the health service sector or cleanroom textile equipment, best textile management means:

  • workwear logged and traceable by computer
  • delivery of washed and finished textiles
  • exactly defined number, quality and date
  • system advice from our specialists 
  • optimum preparation for conversion to a full textile rental service Vollversorgungssystem
  • advice on needs-based supply
  • accompanying consumption monitoring
  • decades of experience

Outsourcing brings about quality, flexibility, ecological advantages and economy.

Outsourcing makes textile management an attractive proposition.

SALESIANER MIETTEX is the leading supplier of textile rental and laundry services. Outsourcing your laundry needs makes it easier for your company. More than that: experiences show that our customers register significant advantages in laundry quality, hygiene, efficiency, sustainability and economy. A textile rental service reaps the full benefit of outsourcing.  

Our guarantees give you additional security.

In our modern textile management service, we endeavour to achieve 100% fault-free handling. Our customers expect a highest level of reliability and corresponding inspections of our work regularly attest to outstanding values. 

Registered marks of certification in accordance with patent law of SALESIANER MIETTEX stand for exceptional security.   


Guaranteed top quality by high standards in quality management and procurement. If an item still cannot be used, it will be replaced free of charge.

Garantierte Versorgung


Guaranteed comprehensive supply through a network of locations close to customers with sate-of.the-art fleets.
In case of emergency, another plant can take over and fulfil the order.