Quality management as a basis for reliable facts.

Applied hygiene means high performance in technology and logistics.

Over 350 tonnes of linen are processed by SALESIANER MIETTEX on a daily basis. Validated processes and strict checks make laundry technology and logistics a guarantor of hygiene security. From the separation of clean and unclean areas ranging to the use of hygienic inside covers for transport containers.
Apart from automatic dosage and programme, there is also a thermal stop safety feature.

An alarm signal sets off appropriate measures if the required temperature is not reached. This prevents linen which have not been disinfected from being further processed.

The security of listed processes and outstanding hygiene quality.

  • Listed disinfectant washing processes
  • Separation between clean and unclean areas
  • Hygiene measures in the company (hand disinfection, disinfection of surfaces, etc.)
  • Staff training in hygiene, safety and quality

Modern management under the banner of quality and environment – with relevant certifications and hygiene inspections.

ISO 9001 Quality management
ISO 13485 QM system for medical products
EN 14065 Hygiene management system (RABC)
ISO 14001 Environmental management
BS OHSAS 18001 Health and safety management system

Guidelines for laundries which process hospital linen; standard EN 14065 “Textiles processed in laundries – biocontamination control system”, listed disinfection processes (e.g. rki; ÖGHMP), audits and monitoring are carried out by the following institutes: Medical University of Vienna; Medical University of Innsbruck; Institut für angewandte Hygiene, Graz; wfk Forschungsinstitut für Reinigungstechnologie e.V., Krefeld; quality austria (quality management, environmental management); DQS (medical products); WIRTEX, Wirtschaftsverband Textil Service.

The synthesis of hygiene and sustainability is a determining factor of our business management.

By optimizing the processes at SALESIANER MIETTEX, energy consumption per kilogram was able to be reduced by about 30 percent within the last ten years. Water consumption was reduced by about 40 percent and the use of washing agents was also drastically lowered.

SALESIANER MIETTEX was the first industrial laundry in Europe to be certified according to the international standard ISO 50001:2011 for energy management systems. What started in one plant is being gradually expanded to all the others in the framework of the matrix certification.