Hygiene today demands solutions for tomorrow.

Our guarantees set an example for objectively tested quality and sustainable corporate orientation. 

With the innovation of the hygiene guarantee for rental textiles, SALESIANER MIETTEX applies measurable criteria for textile hygiene in the areas of the health care sector, hotels, restaurants and workwear. 

Guaranteed standardised, disinfectant washing processes; regular inspections and audits by independent institutes.


Guaranteed rigorous environmentally optimised methods in accordance with sustainability with clearly defined guidelines and regular inspections by independent institutes.

Disinfectant laundering is a matter for the specialists: pick-up, laundering, drying, finishing and storage under hygienically optimum conditions. It begins with the choice of suitable textiles which can sustainably undergo hygiene processes and long life-cycles, and which fulfil the highest expectations of users.

SALESIANER MIETTEX expands the hygiene guarantee to include nearly all business areas.

What began with supplying hospitals and homes was extended to include comprehensive textile management. SALESIANER MIETTEX fulfils guidelines and standards for cleaning hospital textiles, the health care sector, table and bed linen in hotel and restaurants, and for workwear in trade and industry.  

Hygiene is a holistic matter. Outsourcing the textile logistics has become an effective means of hygiene management. Because it’s about more than cleanliness. Deep down, hygiene is indispensable as a protection against germs and pathogens. Earlier, for example, it was usual that hotels and restaurants looked after their textiles in their own laundries. Recognised experts warn as Dr. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow from the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine in Berlin does: “For unclear reasons of cost, many companies carry out their washes in a 7.5-kilogram machine at 30°C. The desired sterility is not achieved this way and the wiping-up cloth becomes a germ spreader.” Professional standardised methods can practically only be achieved by outsourcing to specialists. SALESIANER MIETTEX makes hygienic textile management economically attractive.