Logistics, safety and wearing comfort – top priority in the operating theatre

Reusable surgical textiles are the method of choice 

High-grade, high-tech materials fulfil all the requirements and standards for sterile products in the operating theatre – safeguarded by regular inspection of processes by authorised authorities based on the relevant standards.

  • EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices
  • Medical Devices Act (MDA)
  • EN 13485.
  • EN 13795.

The Medical Devices Act also regulates the quality of the washing process: “A newly washed medical device is to be regarded as the same as a new one.“ §2 (1) MDA – each delivery of a processed set is of the same quality as a new device.

Wearing comfort in the operating theatre 

Furthermore, investigations unambiguously confirm the high wearing comfort of surgical textile equipment. This important aspect is again and again confirmed in feedback from surgeons and theatre nurses.

The diagram shows that the core temperature of the wearer remains at an acceptable level even when the ambient temperature is 25°C – if the clothing is breathable. In contrast, non-breathable textiles lead to a quick rise in temperature, and after a tolerance time of 133 minutes, the critical border of 38.2°C is reached. Higher temperatures entail an enormous physiological load: feeling unwell, heat stress, lowered ability to concentrate and a high danger of increased sweating.

Secure logistics

Every surgical set is provided with a bar code while being packed. A very high level of transparency is created through traceability. This means that each processing cycle is systematically logged, and each article is followed throughout its duration of use and beyond without a break. Equipping, type, amount and sequence of parts are defined exactly.

Safety Benefits


  • Punctual delivery 
  • Right items
  • Right number
  • Right sequence

 up until they reach the ward.

Design, arrangement and planning of the surgical sets is much more flexible in the reusable system. We can react quickly to requests and changes, and offer expert advice right from the beginning. This includes: individual needs analysis, set design, sets can be altered flexibly, professional training, operating theatre handbook, stores management.

Surgical reliability