Sustainability with guarantee.

First sustainability report wins award

Our first sustainability report won the ASRA (Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award) for the best sustainability report of an Austrian company in the category of first report almost immediately after it was published. The report was drawn up with external support from “denkstatt” and corresponds to the guidelines of the current GRI/G4 Standard.  SALESIANER MIETTEX documents the importance of sustainable thinking and action in management overall, especially with respect to ecological, economical and social responsibility. 

Austrian eco-label

Low energy and water consumption, the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, as well as low-emission vehicles and fuel-saving transports – these are the main criteria for the Austrian eco-label. SALESIANER MIETTEX is the first laundry company which has been awarded this distinction for rented textiles.

And not just for one of its plants, but for several SALESIANER MIETTEX plants. Environmental protection, sustainability, quality and durability are subject to a multi-stage process and evaluation based on a points system devised by experts from the Ministry of the Environment (BMLFUW) and the Association of Consumer Information (VKI). 

Thinking sustainably. A few approaches.

The company devoted itself to sustainability in textile management early on. And admittedly also for reasons of self-interest. The two factors – ecology and economy – are demands of the market. The demand of consumers for eco-friendly methods has increasingly come to occupy centre stage in the last few years. With our guarantees for hygiene and sustainability with respect to table linen, bed linen, workwear and hospital textiles we show cross-European innovation.   

Benefits for tomorrow:

  • Continual improvement of environmental impact
  • Optimum use of energy and water
  • Use of textiles which yield the best effects on the environment during their whole period of use
  • Best possible internal and external logistics
  • Waste avoidance
  • Optimized ratio of temperature, washing time and washing active substances
  • Washing programmes are exactly coordinated to degree of soiling
  • Latest washing systems and purification processes
  • Latest scientific findings from chemistry, quality management and process optimization

Laundries are important energy partners.

Using photovoltaics to generate electricity proved to be an ideal addition for SALESIANER MIETTEX. As a partner of “klimaaktiv”, solar energy is a fixed point in our sustainability considerations. 1.2 kWp per year are harvested in the form of solar energy in total. This saves the environment some 330 tonnes of CO2 annually. Six more projects involving photovoltaic plants are in the planning stage. Our medium-term planning goal is to gain a further MW of this clean energy.

Solar energy and photovoltaics on the rise.

1220 vienna
Solar energy capacity of 350kWp

St. Pölten
Solar energy capacity of 350kWp

Solar energy capacity of 350kWp

Solar energy capacity of 350kWp