Cotton cleaning cloths
for industry and commerce

SALESIANER’s 40×40 cm multi-purpose cloths combine many advantages: They are highly absorbent (according to DIN 61651), being able to absorb several times their own weight in liquid. They are slip-proof and skin-friendly, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing, and provide effective support for everyday work. The reusable system means that you always have fresh cloths available and you don’t have to worry about the dirty cloths as they are picked up and professionally washed there is no need for them to be disposed of.

Clear colour coding for three types of application

Car repair workshops
Cotton cleaning cloths in white with a red weave and blue wheeled boxes with a red lid are provided for oily dirt in mechanics’ workshops.
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Printing houses / paint shops
Businesses that work with solvents use cleaning cloths with a green weave and blue collection containers with a green lid.
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Metal processing industry
Machining companies use white multi-purpose cloths with a blue weave; the wheeled boxes are blue with a blue lid.
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