Miettextilien für garantierte Wäschehygiene

Professional, disinfectant washing process for your safety

Having hygienic linen in hotels and restaurants is an important requirement for guests. Professional textile management prevents the transfer of anything undesirable through textiles. At SALESIANER, rental textiles are processed in accordance with listed disinfectant washing procedures, involving thermal chemical disinfection at 60°C. Independent university and hygiene institutes regularly inspect the processes, certify these by means of a report, and guarantee hygienically impeccable textiles for guests.


High-quality encasings for top bed hygiene


Special textiles
Special encasings improve results during hygiene tests, protect your mattresses and pillows, and guarantee hygiene for guests.

For these encasings, as for all textiles supplied by SALESIANER, hygiene is guaranteed by means of independently tested, listed, disinfectant washing procedures.

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Mattress encasings
reater sleeping comfort and peace of mind for your guests. Mattress encasings are breathable and form a reliable barrier against liquids, mites and microbes.

It is easy to cover these with a fitted sheet, as the sheet is simply pulled over the mattress topper.

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Pillow encasings
Cushions and pillows also need to be protected. Pillow encasings made of mite- and microbe-proof special textiles are come particularly recommended by housekeeping managers.

The pillow encasing is simply pulled over the pillowcase, protecting it in a safe and reliable way.

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